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Features - Basic


Proven and thorough methods to verify proper root installation.


Used by over 10 million people in 180 countries!


Improved constantly over the last 5 years.

Global Root Results

Root Installation Results for over 2,000 Android devices from over 5 million users!


Provides essential information about Root.


Easily share the results with friends.

Features - Pro


Sophisticated details for thorough troubleshooting.


Custom guidance for each unique device state.


Constant monitoring from a convenient home screen widget.


Quickly determine BusyBox installation status and applet support.

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Root Checker is the most accurate and trusted application to provide the root installation status of any Android device!

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Global Root Installation Statistics

Unique users: 50,663,717
Last updated: Jul 17 2018

Top 5 Devices and Bottom 5 Devices

Ranked by Ease of Root Installation

Rank Device Make and Model Android Version Root Available Root Install Difficulty
1Freescale INELMATIC_EMT_PLAYER4.4.2YesEasy
2Samsung SM-G950F5.1.1YesEasy
3Samsung SM-N950FD5.1.1YesEasy
4Netxeon Beelink GT17.1.2YesEasy
5Samsung SM-A520F5.1.1YesEasy
9149HUAWEI LUA-L035.1NoExpert
9150Lg Electronics LG-X2306.0NoExpert
9151Vivo 16106.0.1NoExpert
9152Vivo Y51L5.0.2NoExpert
9153Vivo 16066.0.1NoExpert

Major Android Manufacturers

Ranked by Ease of Device Root Installation

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